Congratulations to the poster prize winners!


Thank you for the wide range of excellent posters at the EUROBIOTECH 2022!

The scientific committee viewed the posters and talked to the presenters. They looked for high-quality and exciting research presented in a clear and interesting manner. After evaluating scientific content and overall presentation, the scientific committee nominated 3 posters for the Best Poster Presentation Awards and 6 posters for the Best Poster Presentation Distinctions.



Nominated Candidates for the Best Poster Presentation Award 2022

(three equivalent awards)


Natalia Zubrzycka; Ewa Bielecka; Anna Maksylewicz; Krzysztof Nowak;

Małgorzata Miastkowska; Tomasz Kantyka

Ursolic acid as a treatment for psoriasis does not affect the immune response

of human neutrophils and blood-derived macrophages.



Magdalena Wojciechowska, Agnieszka Bernat

The influence of blue light on differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells

 into epidermal cells



Karolina Romanczuk, Anita Florkowska, Maria A. Ciemerych

MicroRNA induced myogenic differentiation of mouse pluripotent stem cells




Nominated Candidates for the Best Poster Presentation Distinction 2022

(six equivalent distinctions)


Łukasz Biegała; Arkadiusz Gajek; Agnieszka Marczak; Aneta Rogalska

The combination of olaparib and the inhibitors of ATR/CHK1 pathway exerts synergistic antitumor effects in BRCA2-proficient PEO4 ovarian cancer cell line



Ewa Bielecka; Anna Maksylewicz; Natalia Zubrzycka; Krzysztof Nowak; Małgorzata Miastkowska; Tomasz Kantyka

Ursolic acid as a potential agent in alleviating abnormal keratinocyte behavior in psoriasis



Marcin Wolosiewicz; Monika Duda; Pawel Dobrzyn

Stearoyl-CoA desaturase 4 – a potent target for cardiomyocyte

steatosis-associated heart disease


Aleksandra Piechota-Polańczyk; Dominika Klimczyk

A modified method of mouse colon organoids (colonoids) isolation and cultivation –

 the effect of Nrf2 transcriptional activity inhibition



Tipack Ayothyapattanam Shanmugam; Jacek Stępniewski; Józef Dulak;

Kalina Andrysiak; Alicja Martyniak; Izabela Kraszewska; Katarzyna Polak; Katarzyna Sarad; Damian Kloska; Dawid Skoczek

Establishment of cardiac 3D microtissue for modeling of Duchenne

Muscular Dystrophy cardiomyopathy



Alicja Olczak; Tomasz Pieczonka; Paula Mazurek; Linda Cambier; Krzysztof Kobielak

Overexpression of Wnt modulator in the ectoderm impacts pattern

 formation and morphogenesis of hair


Abstract Submission


The Organizers and Scientific Committee invite scientists and researchers to submit their abstract(s) to the 8th Central European Congress of Life Sciences Eurobiotech.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is the 06.05.2022.


  • The Scientific Committee of EUROBIOTECH 2022 will be responsible for the selection of oral presentations and posters from the submitted abstracts
  • Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted neither for oral or poster presentation
  • Each registered participant may submit max. 3 abstract. 
  • Abstract should be submitted electronically – below you can find instruction. Abstracts submitted as email or attachment to the e-mail will not be accepted
  • Participants registered as Students can not submit an abstract.



The maximum size of a poster should be 95 cm wide, 240 cm high, e.g. A0 size: 841 × 1189 mm will be fitting well. There will be sticky tape provided for mounting the posters in the reception desk.




How to submit an abstract?


  • To submit an abstract you need to register for the Congress. Only registered participants (Junior Researcher and Senior Scientist) can submit an abstract. 



1st  step - you need to choose preferred session for your abstract


2nd step - in this step you need to enter contect of your abstract and add co-authors:

  • The title of your abstract should not exceed 25 words, 
  • The abstract should be submitted in English and include no tables, references, or appendices. It should be suitable for direct inclusion in an abstract booklet or on the conference website,
  • The text of the abstract should not exceed 200 words,
  • Congress participants rely heavily on the titles and abstracts to identify papers and posters of special interest. Please take great care in wording both,
  • Please do NOT enter the author information in the abstract submission area.

3rd step - here you need to choose preferred form of occurrence but final decision will be taken by the reviewer. Instructions for either type of presentation will come in the course of time. Posters will be displayed in portrait format - the dimensions of the poster should not exceed 90 cm wide x 140 cm high.


4th step - Keywords: The abstract submission procedure will ask for up to five keywords to describe your abstract. Here you will need also to confirm all previous entered information. Please note: after clicking "save aplication" no changes in its content will be possible (includes also adding a co-authors)

  • The authors’ conclusions should be clearly stated,
  • Initials and abbreviations which are not in common use should be avoided unless they are essential,
  • All abstracts must be written in English. Remember to check spelling and grammar carefully. Your electronically submitted abstract text will be reproduced as submitted,
  • Submission of an abstract does not constitute registration for the congress. Submission of an abstract implies the commitment that the presenting author will attend the meeting.

5th step - You need also accept "Abstract Submission Terms and Conditions"



For your abstract to be taken under consideration your registration has to be paid