Welcome to the leading 8th EUROBIOTECH Congress

Dear Colleagues,


At the time of COVID-19 pandemics the societies appreciate more the significance of science. Medical biotechnology is undoubtedly at the front-line of battle with spreading SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the development of effective vaccine and drugs, which we all hope will be successful soon, will be the outcome of research, in which numerous tools of genetic engineering, cell and molecular biology are applied. However, we are all aware that the medical problems are not restricted to viral infections. Therefore, the continuous efforts are undertaken for investigations on new tools and methods of modelling the diseases, drug discovery and innovative therapies.


                Scientists must communicate with each other and scientist must communicate with the society. Medical biotechnology is among this part of science which attracts special attention of non-specialists. Conferences were and will be the best way to present results, exchange ideas and plan collaboration. Although this has dramatically changed and has been limited by the current situation, we strongly believe that situation will return to normal. Therefore, we are confident that EUROBIOTECH conferences, which have been organized since 2005 have to be continued.  Therefore we are proud to announce the 8th EUROBIOTECH congress, to be organized from 15 to 17 June 2021 in Kraków, Poland. We plan the classical meeting, allowing face-to-face (with reasonable distance) contact of the scientists. However, we also would like to attract the non-specialist audience by organising the exceptional virtual symposium on the subjects which raise the public interests and emotions.


                During the two and half day meeting the plenary sessions and parallel symposia will be organized on the most key aspects of medical biotechnology. We invite colleagues interested in stem cell biology, gene therapy and drug discovery. We will discuss modern tools used for genetic engineering, such as gene editing and gene transfer, the basic and translational research in stem cell biology as well as the new methods of diseases modelling and drug research, including the search for the vaccines against the coronavirus. The special part of the EUROBIOTECH 2021 will be the open session on “Stem cells: hopes and hypes”, with the lectures of the professionals: researchers and bioethicists, and with the possibility of discussion with the public.


                We do hope that the timely subject of our congress, as well as the fantastic location in the King’s City of Kraków will convince you to actively participate in the 8th EUROBIOTECH 2021 congress.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Kraków in June 2021!


Józef Dulak, Ewa Łojkowska, Tomasz Twardowski


Welcome to Krakow

Krakow - one of the most recognisable cities in the Europe and one of the most favourite destination for individual and organised tourism. It's an open, welcoming and modern city which brings together rich history, science, industry and above all - great people.