early bird
         (until June 19th, 2017)
regular fee

student fee*#
150,00 PLN net
184,50 PLN (incl. VAT)
junior researcher** basic 350,00 PLN net
430,50 PLN
(incl. VAT)
450,00 PLN net
553,50 PLN
(incl. VAT)
junior researcher complete 500,00 PLN net
615 PLN
(incl. VAT)
600,00 PLN net
738,00 PLN
(incl. VAT)
senior scientist basic  600,00 PLN net
738,00 PLN
(incl. VAT)
700,00 PLN net
861,00 PLN
(incl. VAT)
senior scientist complete 750,00 PLN net
922,50 PLN
(incl. VAT)
850,00 PLN net
1045,50 PLN
(incl. VAT)
get-together party 150,00 pln (incl. VAT)
additional abstract 120,00 pln net
147,60 pln (incl. VAT)

*Student registration fee concerns MSc and BSci students. Participants register as Student can take active part only in a Student Sessions.
**Junior researcher fee concerns students and PhD students up to age of 30. 
On 11th and 14th Participants can buy something to eat in the restaurant